Jumat, 18 Desember 2015


Hello …
On this occasion I will tell you about gamarvani. Gamarvani is a cultural festival. Gamarvani come from gama (journey) dan parvani(moon). Gamarvani derived from folklore that nyi anteh.the event was a great success. I want you to know what is on the show. The first carnival for class X and also from sd kartika. after the judging class who most participate and the winner is kleas X sciene 3. Then show a very traditional event.
Increasingly more visitors, even more tightened security, anyone who brings a sharp tool such goods seized. and the main event began, bali field filled with thousands and thousands of people. exact at 19:00 Adera renowned artists came out to sing a few lagu.stelah the event even more exciting when hivi singing.
assalamualaikum enough of my story.

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